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Your Bra Shopping Forever™

Affordable and Expertly Fitted
Quality, Comfortable, Custom Fit Bras
that Support, Lift, and Last™

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A Simple Re-order Process with
Worldwide Door-to-Door Delivery!
Over 200 Sizes / Superior Support and Comfort / No Underwires / Designed to Last
[Not-Available-In-Stores / By Appointment Only]

Ask yourself ...

  1. Do you have a drawer full of bras but none that fit comfortably?
  2. Does your bust line ‘bounce’ when you walk while wearing your everyday bra?
  3. Do you overflow the cup of your bra?
  4. Do your bra straps slip off OR dig into your shoulders leaving red and painful marks?
  5. Does your bra ride up in the back because you tighten the straps to give you added support?
  6. Have you ever begun an exercise class only to drop out because your breasts ached from lack of support while running or jumping?
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If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you are in need of a new bra. Your very own, custom fit BraLady™ bras could be the way to go.

Learn more. Fill in my form below. Instantly see my 800#. Enjoy my helpful, informative video and testimonials. Instantly receive clinic details and fitting information.

BraLady™ doesn't use stores (by design). Instead, we offer private home fittings or fitting 'clinics' (where you come and see me for a 30-minute private fitting). So, fill in my form below to learn more now. I'll also add you to my clinic-notice list so that you always know when my BraLady™ clinics are coming to town.

There's no risk. No credit card required. No obligation. Unsubscribe anytime. Fill in my form and you'll keep up-to-date on company developments and be eligible for BraLady™ BONUS PROMOTIONS! Learn more now by filling in my form below.

Easy. Discreet. Convenient. I guarantee it! You're going to love your BraLady™ bras.

800#, testimonials, upcoming clinic details, and more ...

Over 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra ...


As seen on Oprah® and read in countless women's magazines, over 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Increasingly, women around the world are disappointed with the retail bra-buying experience. Inferior knowledge, pushy questionable sales tactics, declining or non-existent service, poor-fitting bras, lack of (or short-lived) support and comfort, and sub-standard tissue-like textiles from lowest-cost suppliers for off-the-rack (often over-priced) garments all contribute to an eroding retail experience.

The one-and-only-thing big multi-national retail giants and manufacturing conglomerates have managed to improve upon is the science of "planned obsolescence"! And sadly, it's at the consumer's expense. They benefit. YOU lose.

In short, escalating prices, poor construction, bad design and relentless pursuit of corporate profit have all stripped the majority of the value from 90-95% of the garments that you find on-the-rack and in stores today. The value is no longer there.

You can stop it. You can now stop overpaying for and stop continually repurchasing those uncomfortable, low-quality, low-value garments. Save your money, simplify your life, and live comfortably - with BraLady™.

Is there anyone out there still producing a well-designed, well-constructed, quality bra that's comfortable, supports, and lasts ( ... for years) - and that a person is willing to put their name behind? Yes. There is! It's me. Barbara Chapman and I put my name and my BraLady™ brand on all my custom fit bras. Women who want quality comfortable custom fit bras that support, lift, and last, come to me. They put their trust in BraLady™!

Today, bra shopping ranks as one of the least-enjoyable shopping experiences for women around the world. And yet, when asked, women will confirm that no other single garment has the opportunity to 'set the bar' for the rest of the day. Simply put, the right bra - a good-quality, reliable, dependable, well-fitted, and comfortably-flattering bra - one that supports, lifts, and lasts - can make all-the-difference-in-the-world when starting out each and everyday.

Sounds simple. It should be. And, with BraLady™, it is! Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill in my form to learn more.

Good News!
Your very-own expertly-fitted
BraLady™ custom fit bras
are just a phone-call away!

BraLady™ Custom Fit Bras and Bra Fittings ...

Hi There!

I'm Barbara Chapman, Founder of BraLady™ International, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, and 20+ year veteran custom bra fitter. I've personally fit thousands of women - of all shapes and sizes (and ages) - with my Quality, Comfortable Custom Fit Bras that Support, Lift, and Last™. And my customers keep coming back to BraLady™ (to re-order) for ongoing and added convenience, value, and satisfaction.

The best part is that we now have an international and growing team of BraLady™ trained-and-certified, knowledgeable, dedicated (mobile) fitters to expertly, privately, and discreetly fit women around the world - women like you - with BraLady™ custom fit, custom order bras!

To learn more about BraLady™ fittings, appointments, and our not-available-in-stores BraLady™ custom fit bras, fill in my form below.

{PS If you - or someone you know - has what it takes to both commit for several years and dedicate themselves as a BraLady™ fitter, then we'd sure be interested hearing from them. We're always on the look out for our next elite fitter. Limited territories. See "Be A Fitter" in our menu at the top of the page for more information or click here.}

Sign-up for our 800# and clinic notices ...

I invite you to fill in our BraLady™ form above. A little information will assist us in helping you better. It's our standard 'STEP #1' (... and the last thing 'standard' you'll ever experience with BraLady™). Why a form? There's method to the madness!

The instant you hit the submit button, you'll see (and be emailed) our 800#. You can then call the number (right-away) to book your own custom bra fitting appointment (or to simply speak with someone 'live' to learn a bit more - like "how much is it?" and "where, when, and how soon can I be fitted?).

Just as importantly, as we don't have stores, this sign-up method allows us to keep you up-to-date on upcoming custom bra fitting clinics as we schedule them near and around you. This way, when you are personally ready to be expertly fitted and to try your very own BraLady™ bras you can reach out and we'll follow your lead at that precise moment. Until then, again, because you've now joined our notification list, we'll be happy to keep you in-the-loop. {Of course, as someone who is always in-the-know, you'll now also be in a position to be that 'helpful clever soul' by forwarding clinic updates onto friends and family ... or click the 'unsubscribe' link anytime. Easy! Helpful. You'll see.}

In addition, here is a message to all of our valued gentlemen readers out there. Yes! You're welcome to sign up (in confidence, naturally) on behalf of the woman (women?) in your life. Please just enter into the comment field that you are wanting to surprise someone special with a special gift of a BraLady™ private & confidential, custom bra fitting and custom fit bras. You'll see our 800#. You can then call us.

We'll tell you how it works, what's included, and then look after all of the details including sending your special someone a nice email notice as well as a follow-up call informing them of your elevated sense of kindness as well as next steps to receiving their very own private fitting and BraLady™ bras. Whoever it is, she'll be so impressed with your thoughtfulness!

A wedding in the near future? Maybe it's time to get the girls together (bridesmaids, moms, sisters, aunties, friends). If you give yourself enough time, you can invite all of them over for an afternoon or evening visit to discuss plans and take advantage of a personal, private, one-on-one BraLady™ custom bra fitting all at the same time. Some wine. Some cheese. Some stories and a few laughs. Pretty unique and convenient way of getting ready for the big day! We need some time for the custom order side of it, so the sooner you set the date the better.

Finally, for all the new grandmothers out there, consider doing your daughter a favor. Set her up with her very own BraLady™ fitting. Call us. We'll handle all the details. We'll probably even be able to fit your daughter or daughter-in-law in the privacy and comfort of her own home and at the precise time of her liking! Now, there's service! And, of course, we know a little about maternity bras and motherhood - including how important a little extra support can be. Win. Win. Win.

On that note, I'm confident that all readers will know at least one person close to them who would just love to be treated to a BraLady™ fitting for their very own BraLady™ custom fit bras. Allow me to just 'plant that seed' so that you might think about that the next time you're wondering what to buy for a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas.

Simply remember "™" and search your emails to instantly find my 800#. That's why we start with a simple form. We want to make finding us and my 800# as easy as possible for you for when the time is right. Makes total sense now, right?!™: Delivering Bra Comfort - One Lady at a Time!

Thanks for your interest,
... and here's to your newly found (and everlasting) comfort!
I look forward to serving you better!

Barb Chapman / Founder BraLady International Barbara Chapman
Founder / BraLady™ International
You've tried all the rest. Now, try the best!
[Celebrating 20 Years]

Your Bra Shopping Forever™

Affordable and Expertly Fitted
Quality, Comfortable, Custom Fit Bras
that Support, Lift, and Last™

-- Featuring --
A Simple Re-order Process with
Worldwide Door-to-Door Delivery!
Over 200 Sizes / Superior Support and Comfort / No Underwires / Designed to Last
[Not-Available-In-Stores / By Appointment Only]

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